It's incredibly easy for employees to develop great team building skills when they participate in escape rooms. Our rooms demand players' cooperation, and each participant needs to do what they can to make their team successful in escaping the room in time. Our rooms provide fun and challenging activities that will cause team members to communicate, collaborate, and bond.

At Clueless Escape Rooms, we can accommodate groups of all sizes. If you don't see a time you like, you can schedule a special time for your team. Need a place to have a meeting, or talk about your escape? Ask about our using our conference room.
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Clueless Escape Rooms was perfect for my small team of 6. We had to work really closely with each other to succeed. The team loved it! The puzzles were very unique and required unique ways of solving. We'll definitely be back

Brian W - Tripadvisor

Knocked off work a few hours early and split our 10 person office into 2 groups of 5 and attempted to escape these cleverly designed rooms. It's not easy. Expect to encounter riddles that will force you to bend your mind in an all-out race against the clock. This is positively 1st rate entertainment that will either bring out your competitive edge or finger you as the weak link. Great fun...can't wait to have another go at this.

MrReid - Tripadvisor

This was my first escape room experience and it was very fun. Loved the challenge and TEAMWORK it encouraged! Staff was courteous and genuine.

Kati R - Tripadvisor